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Nov 2, 2013 6:00pm EDT
--he was just recently re-elected to the board of directors--plays a role in the-in the operations of the company. c-span: how old is he? >> guest: he's in his 80s. he is--he is a man who is winding down significantly. c-span: mick andreas? >> guest: the son. mick andreas was born to power. his godfather was hubert humphrey, also a very good friend of--of dwayne. and mick had always been destined to be his father's successor, the--the man who would take the throne, the man who would gain control of this corporate and political behemoth, and ultimately, got tripped up and caught in--in the--the tapings that took place at the company and was recorded engaging in both criminal conspiracies as well as actions that would certainly cause any member of a board of directors to--to wince and perhaps suggest a--a resignation: discussions of-of female executives, blatantly sexist discussions. and mick is now serving a three-year prison sentence, which began sometime earlier last--this year. c-span: you say a couple of times in your book that there's a big statue of ronald reagan outside the a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1